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Evaluations of Eagle Ridge Coaching as a provider for Educational Leadership Coaching

How do we know that Eagle Ridge Coaching provides dynamic Professional Development for Educational Leaders working at the school and district levels?

The External and Internal Evaluations below track 4 phases of a school district's coaching initiative. Gulf Islands' Educational Administrators clearly and repeatedly state their coaching experiences were rewarding and of significant professional value.

The Summary of Peer Coaching Training reveals how, after only 2 years of 1:1 coaching, participants are strong in their skills and ability to integrate, use and benefit from 'using a Coach Approach' with their colleagues and staff. These individuals' confidence and competence have, in turn, lead the way for the district's collaborative growth and implementation of Personalized Learning goals for students. This year's addition of group coaching for Teacher-Leaders was funded by the Ministry of Education's Quality Teaching and Learning Grant. Thirteen (13) teachers met 5 times to acquire skills and practice coaching their colleagues. Excellent response to this opportunity is another indicator recommending Coaching for Educational settings.

Follow the 4-year progression of the Coaching Initiative undertaken by Gulf Islands School District #64, BC, Canada. Participants consistently value their coaching as excellent Professional Development, with the benefit of improved staff and collegial partnerships.

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Evaluation Findings: Phase I (Executive Summary) – 2009/2010 - Executive Summary

Evaluation Findings: Phase I (Full Report 8 MB) – 2009/2010 - Evaluation Findings Phase 1 PDF

Evaluation Findings: Phase II (Executive Summary) – 2010/2011 - Evaluation Findings Phase II PDF

Summary of Peer Coaching Training – 2011/2012 Summary of Peer Coaching Training PDF

Evaluation Findings Phase III (Executive Summary) – 2011-2012 - Survey Feedback PDF

Evaluation Findings Phase IV (Executive Summary) - 2012-2013 - Phase IV Summary

Report of Quality Teaching and Learning Initiative (Coaching for Teacher-Leaders) - 2012/2013 - Report of QTL Initiative

Publications and Articles

2012 "Coaching is Not Counselling", BCACC Insights Magazine - Page 7 http://bc-counsellors.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/IICC-Summer-2012-web.pdf

2011 "Off the Menu: a Gulf Islands Special", publication by Education Canada Association (CEA) Off the Menu: a Gulf Island Special

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