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Leadership coaching is the art of helping leaders identify, discuss and achieve goals that improve their lives and careers. The coach helps create a trusting, learning partnership and guides a series of conversations in which the client chooses the focus. The coach brings her presence, deep listening, powerful questions and relevant tools and resources to support and challenge the individual towards clarifying and realizing their goals.

Coaching is NOT a casual conversation, therapy nor consultation with an expert who provides answers.


  • To coach leaders towards augmenting both their influence and capabilities
  • To help people in organizations holding executive/leadership positions
    • set leadership goals
    • share development and acquisition of goals
  • To further the success of an organization by widening the circle of leaders being coached
  • To help create a "coaching culture" by:
    • building on and expanding the 1:1 coaching experience
    • providing training for collegial-coaching
    • coaching teams
    • live-coaching experiences
  • To use valid evaluation processes to document the innovative coaching project


  • Using the strengths of each client is where coaching begins
  • Learning happens daily, and at every level of responsibility
  • Coaching fosters personal and professional development
  • Feedback theory and practice are critical to the process
  • Systems thinking is critical to working collaboratively
"All of you are prefect just the way you are, and you could use a little improvement"
- Suzuki Roshi, Zen Master


Individual references are available upon request: magnussonallies@shaw.ca

I have worked with the former Superintendent of the Gulf Islands School District (SD#64, BC, Canada) to plan and develop a coaching initiative. A strong, external evaluation based on the first year of the initiative is a key feature that recommends both me and this concept. Here is the link to the evaluation report: http://www.sd64.bc.ca/dist_downloads/lci-eval.pdf

In addition, this is the link to a recently published article - Off the Menu: Gulf Islands Leadership 'Special'. This will help you more fully realize the power and potential of using Eagle Ridge Coaching. http://www.cea-ace.ca/education-canada/article/menu-gulf-islands%E2%80%99-leadership-%E2%80%9Cspecial%E2%80%9D

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