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Debbie Magnusson

Education & Certification:

B.A. English - University of NY at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York - 1971

M.A. Humanities - Southern Oregon State University, Ashland, Oregon - 1975

M.A. Applied Behavioural Science - Leadership Institute of Seattle

(Bastyr University), Seattle, Washington - 1997

Counselling Internship: Duncan Mental Health - Duncan, BC

Executive Coaching Training - Mary Beth O'Neill Consulting - 2001

Teaching Certificates:

British Columbia (Canada)

New York, Vermont, Oregon (USA)

Teaching Experience:

  • Hardwick Union School (Grades 7 - 12: Music & English)
  • Rogue Valley Ranch School (Private boys' school for 'special needs' students) - English 9 - 12, Art
  • TouchStone Independent School - Grades 4 - 12: Administration + teaching all subjects
  • School District #64 - Elementary Alternative Program, District Family Life/Learning for Living Coordinator, Primary (Grades 1 & 2), Secondary (English 9 & 10, Drama 8 - 9, CAPP 9 - 12, Learning Assistance, Support Services (Program Manager), School-based Team Chair


I am a retired teacher. I have taught in private and public schools in district, elementary and secondary positions. I have both taught academic courses and worked in Support Services. As a teacher and a district coordinator I created and initiated new programs, and served as School Based Team Chair. Always, I have worked diligently to help create respectful, co-operative and collegial environments.

While training as a counselor, I became intrigued, by the advantages afforded leaders by working with an Executive Coaching. Subsequently I trained with a master coach. I quickly recognized the gap between the supports offered Business and Corporate Executives versus those available to Educational "Executives" (Superintendents, District and School Administrators, etc).

Although coaching Educational Leaders has been the focus of my coaching work. I have also worked within small businesses to create organizational alignment, clear job descriptions and to mediate disputes between employees. For a small business, I have helped with advertising, distribution and planning. I worked as coordinator in a local, non-profit organization co-leading a pro-social/mentorship project for young women in our rural community. Also, through our local Emergency Social Services, I have created a group of volunteers to provide Emotional Support in case of a large emergency or disaster. In all situations, my coaching and counselling skills have served me well to maximize outcomes and build rapport with the people with whom I work.

Since schools are the 'business' organization with which I am most familiar, I decided to apply my skills to the people leading schools and school districts. I have proven my ability to ask thought-provoking questions, to offer clean and direct feedback and to respond effectively and with relevance to each individual client. I am drawn to educational systems because I still care about improving public education.

I am able to offer excellent references.

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